Liza Butterworth contemporary portraits.

Liza Butterworth is a professional portrait painter based in Hampshire. Though she occasionally paints wildlife and landscapes for relaxation and pleasure, her real passion lies with the challenge and the satisfaction of portrait painting.  Over the past 10 years she has painted over 400 portraits in varying styles. She endeavours to capture and depict the very essence of her subjects, the expression and the personality that goes beyond skin deep.

Liza will invite clients to the house where she photographs them. This can take a while since it is crucial to get the right "look" that captures the personality of the subject. This ensures total control from the client's perspective.  Once the photograph is selected, the size and style of painting chosen, she is able to make a start.  The client is invited to contribute to the development of the portrait when Liza feels that it has reached a near completion stage, this ensures the client gets exactly what they want.

Liza has worked for families in Dubai, Hong Kong, America and Kuwait and is able to paint from a loved photograph that is provided.

Contact: Liza Butterworth, Nr.Stockbridge, Hampshire SP11 7HH.    Tel: 01264 352 965 / 07930 53 28 22.